We will be holding a variety of classes at all Xtreme CSC gyms that hold a studio space.

Available timetables:


A combination of 15 mins of cardio, 15 mins of anaerobic training and 15 mins of toning/strength training. The class has something for everybody!


Body Blast

A circuit class involving a mix of standard circuit training and suspension training moves to improve the cardio and anaerobic capacity of the body.


Body Sculpt

A low intensity structured class to tone the entire body, using low weights and high reps. Increased reps with low weights designed to tone the muscle rather than build/increase muscle size.



Indoor class held in bootcamp style, combination of high intensity exercises and movements that test your muscle endurance.


Core & Flex

Focuses on strengthening the core and improving the bodies overall flexibility, which in turn improves posture and reduces the risk of injury.


Fat Burning

A 45 min freestyle class, to help the body burn fat. This class targets the core, front and back with some legs and tummy for an overall sapping effect.


Fightin’ Fit

High intensity combat class, combination of pad work and kicks/knee movements with cardio moves that help burn calories and improve cardio fitness.



30 min spin class but with a twist. This is sure to rev up your metabolism with High Intensity Interval Training.


This class will help kick your fitness goals into high gear with an overall body blast workout using kettlebells of varying weights.


Step Aerobics

An intense aerobics class using the step to a choreographed routine, fun but challenging.



A 45min fun, athletic cardiovascular cycling class. The ultimate calories killer.



A high intensity interval training session that follows a specific format. 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times for a total of 4 mins, 30 seconds break, then start again doing different exercise. Pushes you to your limit.


Total Tone

This 45min class is designed to target all those stubborn areas, improve muscle tone and burn fat.


TRX Combo

Combination of 2 types of fitness; TRX is a total body workout that uses gravity against the individuals bodyweight.



A 45 minute high intensity TRX class. TRX is a total body workout using suspension cables that uses gravity against the individuals own body weight.

Classes will vary between each gym. Please visit your gym’s page for further information.

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