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5 Top Tips to Keep You Fit this Xmas!

Posted on December 14, 2017

We’ve put together 5 awesome healthy Christmas hacks to help keep you in shape over the festive period!


5 awesome healthy xmas hacks

Ahhh… Christmas. That time of year when all fitness and healthy-eating morales go out the window and you stuff yourself full of mince pies, turkey leftovers, chocolate, wine, beer… spending the month of January exercising yourself to near-death in an attempt to lose the 2 stone that you’ve put on over the past month.

Or is it…

What if you could enjoy all those luxuries whilst maintaining your goal weight and not eating yourself into a guilt-induced coma?

There is a way my healthy-minded friends! We all know that age old adage ‘everything in small doses’. Well hammer this one home this season and you’ll be able to enjoy Christmas without feeling like you’re about to burst. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying that anything in a foil wrapper or glass bottle should be avoided, we just want to help you embrace the good stuff by adopting a few tricks and making a few substitutions to your current diet to allow room for all the festive feasting.

Below are our top 5 tips that you can take away to make your Christmas yummy!

Turkey is lean. Turkey is gooooood….

We all know that for those building lean muscle mass, protein is often the more favourable option over stodgy carbohydrates. And luckily turkey, the season’s meat of choice is super lean and full of protein with a whopping 34g of protein per 100g of cooked turkey. So after the mammoth Christmas meal has ended and you’re left with about 3 tonnes of turkey, you needn’t feel guilty about all that leftover meat and can start thinking of exciting meals to create from it.

This Lean Turkey Curry Recipe from Train Eat Gain has all the sustenance you need and tastes delicious! The macros are pretty friendly on the eye too:

Macros: Cals 483kcal, Protein 58.7g, Carbs 35.0g, Fat 13.0g

Turkey burgers, supergrain and turkey salad, and turkey & leek pie are just a few of the many dishes you can make with your leftovers. So get creative!

Christmas is a time of sharing

If Great Aunt Claudia has gone all out on the Cadbury’s selection boxes this year, even though you haven’t had a Freddo or a Curly Wurly since the year 2000, don’t feel obliged to eat them all instantly. I’m sure she would be really proud if you dished a few of the the bars out to the younger siblings and cousins. Not only do you save yourself the unnecessary calories, you also get to save money on Christmas presents! Plus, seeing the smiles on their little faces is bound to bring joy and happiness… win win!

Mince pie vs oats

Enjoy guilt-free mince pies by switching out your 55g oats. There are around 215 kcal in your average mince pie and 214 kcal in your portion of oats. If you’re tracking macros over the festive period, but still want to feel human and enjoy the little luxuries, you can! As long as you’re not popping mince pies like smarties, you can safely hit your macros by making sensible (but delicious) substitutions.

A healthy alternative to Baileys

We can’t deny ourselves the luxury of a creamy, sweet Bailey’s at Christmas. But we can find a way to make it a bit easier on the sugar!
Simple Vegan Blog shared a homemade, healthy AND VEGAN recipe. We’ll let the stats speak for themselves:

Baileys (100ml): kcal – 327 / Sugar – 20g

Homemade Alternative (100ml): kcal – 236 / Sugar 11.9g

Or you could save yourself the hassle and grab a bottle of the new Vegan Baileys….

Walking = Cardio

It’s Boxing Day, the morning after the night before, you’ve woken up feeling slightly grotty from the alcohol consumed last night and your stomach feels full. So what better solution than to venture out into the crisp morning air and go for a stroll with the fam. On average, a 180lb person burns 100kcal per mile, so a leisurely 3 mile walk should take you roughly 60 minutes and burn around 300 calories – that’s more than a mince pie!

Walking is seriously underrated and the health benefits go way beyond calorie exertion. Walking releases endorphins which are good for your soul, the fresh air you breathe is good for your lungs and if you’re lucky enough to have a forest or park nearby you can embrace some nature on your adventure.


We hope these tips help you stay on track over the Christmas period whilst allowing you to have some fun at the same time. Of course, no January is complete without a brand-spanking new gym membership. Check out our amazing gym facilities and pop along for a visit.

Don’t forget to share these Christmas hacks with your friends and family!

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