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Class Timetable – Aug 2019

Monday 19th

6.00pm Tabata
7.00pm Spin

Tuesday 20th

7.00am HIIT Spin
8.00pm Kettlebells NEW!

Wednesday 21st

7.00am HIIT Spin
7.00pm Spin
7.00pm Instructors Choice NEW!

Thursday 22nd

6.45am Morning Madness
7.00pm Bootcamp

Friday 23rd

7.00am Morning Tabata
7.00pm Friday Circuits NEW!
7.00pm Spin

Class Prices

Free to all gym members. Non members €8 per class.


Class Details

Barbell Blast – This is a resistance training type class in which you use a barbell to perform lots of different exercises. This is a great class for a full body workout and brilliant to help tone up.

Spinning – This is a form of cardiovascular exercise. In this class you will be on a stationary spin bike and will be performing climbs and sprints with some variations. This is a great class for burning calories.

HIIT Circuits – HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. In this class you will do a mixture of resistance and cardio training. It consists of going from one exercise to the next with only a small break for recovery in between.

Zumba – Zumba is a dance based workout and is a very fun way of burning your calories.

Bootcamp – Bootcamp is set along a more military type of training. This again includes a mix of cardio and resistance training. If you want to increase your cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance this is the class for you.

Morning Madness – Morning madness is a 30 minute class which incorporates a mix of high intensity cardio, bodyweight exercises, barbell and kettlebell work. It’s a great full body workout and will be sure to get your day off to a positive start!

Fightin Fit – This class is a mix between cardio, pad work and boxing specific movements. This is a great way to get fit and also pick up a new skill.

Spin and Legs Blast – This is a 30 minute class involving spinning followed by both a body-weight leg workout and a workout for your core. This is a great way to start your Saturday!

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To book a class please speak to us at reception or call the gym on 052 7445517.


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