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We have team up with Pro Systems Education to bring a new variety of courses to Ireland. All coursework is completed from home with assessment days held at various locations. We have had a great success in the UK and are now bringing these courses to Ireland. If you are interested in enrolling, please register your interest with your name, contact details and location and we will be in touch with the next available dates.


All courses are approved by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

The BTEC Level 2 Fitness instructing course gives the candidate the necessary qualifications to work in a gym environment.

  • Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity


Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

The BTEC Level 3 course is available for candidates who have already completed Level 2 in Fitness Instructing and are looking to further develop their skills.

  • Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health
  • Programming personal training with clients
  • Delivering personal training sessions
  • Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity program


Edexcel BTEC Level 2 and Level 3 Dual Course

The Dual Certificate combines Level 2 Fitness Instructing and Level 3 Personal Training, giving you the full range of skills and qualifications.

  • Covers all Level 2 in Fitness Instructing and Level 3 in Personal Training areas Level

To pass the course all candidates need to show competence in each element that makes up the award. These are as follows:

Anatomy and Physiology Students must pass a 50 minute written theory paper (taken on the day of the course). All questions are multiple choices (tick box answers). The pass mark for the theory paper is 70% (28 marks). The paper consists of 40 questions covering a range of topics including:

  • Bones and Joints
  • Muscles, muscle actions and energy systems
  • Cardio respiratory system
  • Nervous system

Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health Students must take a 50 minute written theory paper (taken on the day two of the course). All questions are multiple choices (tick box answers). The pass mark for the theory paper is 70% (28 marks). The paper consists of 40 questions covering a range of topics including:

  • Components of fitness
  • Principles of training
  • Guidelines to training

Health, Safety and Welfare in the Fitness Environment Students must pass a worksheet with short written answers. The pass mark is 31/44 (70%)

How to Support Clients who take part in Exercise and Physical Activity Students must pass a worksheet with short written answers. The pass mark is 31/44 (70%)

Plan a Safe and Effective Exercise Session – Students must produce a written programme card plan for a safe and effective gym session of 60 minute duration. The plan will include the following:

  • A safe and effective warm up- to include a combined mobility and pulse raiser.
  • Two cardiovascular workouts- from any of the following (1) steady state (2) interval (3) fartlek
  • A safe and effective resistance session- must include resistance training exercises covering the whole body.
  • A safe and effective cool down- Exercises to develop flexibility

Teach an exercise and fitness session – Students will be required to teach a client a combined CV and Resistance session lasting up to 60 minutes on your assessment day.

Practical Assessments – During your practical assessment students will be required to instruct the following:

  • A safe and effective warm-up consisting of Mobility, Pulse raiser
  • A safe and effective CV session consisting of re-warm, training zone and cool down on CV machine
  • A minimum of 2 free weights lifts selected by the assessor
  • A minimum of 2 resistance machine exercises selected by the assessor
  • A safe and effective cool down to include flexibility.

EvaluationAfter the observed practical assessment, candidates must complete a self-evaluation document, based on an evaluation of the instruction, content, time and intensity of the session.

Students will need to complete the course through:

  • The manuals and worksheets which provide the students the underpinning knowledge needed to complete each unit. Students should read the manuals thoroughly and complete the task before completing the workbook.
  • The Video clips provided are to practically demonstrate the skills required by the student to teach a variety of exercises and should be used in combination with the manual and study notes. Students are encouraged to practice these skills as often as possible.
  • The blended learning workbooks must be completed at home within a set time frame and returned to head office. This will be negotiated with the students’ telephone support tutor.
  • All students’ written work must be legible and should include student name, student reference number, course date and venue for assessment.

To get the most of your assessment dates, it is paramount that students come prepared. Students should ensure they have watched the video clips, thoroughly read through the manuals and completed all their distance learning workbooks.

Students will need to learn their anatomy and physiology, and principles of exercise, fitness and health in preparation for the 2 theory papers on day two of their assessment. Students will also need to be familiar with all exercises relating to machines (CV and Resistance) and free weights, as shown in the gym manual and video clips as this is the range the assessor will choose from.


Please remember to bring the following items with you when attending your assessment dates:

  1. Exercise clothing and appropriate footwear
  2. Towels and toiletries if you wish to shower.
  3. Pens, notepaper and course material (manuals)
  4. Your exercise programme cards
  5. A soft backed A4 ring folder and approximately 8 plastic wallets (this will be for students to organise all their final assessment paperwork).


The Assessment Process


Briefing:  The students will explain the methods and requirements for assessment and certification.


Plan: On the final Assessment day, students will agree with the assessor what is to be assessed


Observation: Students will be observed by assessor during their practical session and assess their evaluation. Students may be moved to the next stage of their assessment by assessor, however students will be assessed for approximately 60 minutes which will include resistance and CV. Students will then have 15 minutes to evaluate the session.


Feedback: Students will receive written and verbal feedback on their assessment. Students assessment outcome will be agreed and recorded on their outcome sheet.


Action plan: Assessors will agree a professional development action plan with the student; this will be recorded on their outcome sheet.


Course results

Students will be informed of their practical results on their assessment dates. Student’s theory paper will be marked and received within 6 weeks of sitting the theory paper.

Students will be notified by letter if they have passed the course. AO certificates will be dispatched within 12 weeks of ProEd notifying students of completing their course.

If students were unsuccessful they will be advised on the part of the course that they need to re-sit based only on the section that they need to pass.

Any part of the course or re-sit must be completed within 6 months of their attended dates.

Telephone Support

At the time of enrolling on the course the student’s advisor will have arranged a suitable time and date for one of our tutors to contact them. This is called the ‘INITIAL CONTACT’ and normally takes place 7 days from the date the student booked.

When students receive initial contact their tutor will arrange the telephone appointments needed for students complete the course. Dates will also be arranged to ensure that the workbook units are returned to head office for marking and feedback. The feedback will be made by telephone to student to reinforce learning.

All courses can either be paid in full upfront, or can be split between 3 payments every 1 – 2 months (first payment payable upfront).

Level 2 Fitness Instructing – €1035

Level 3 Personal Training – €1380

Dual Certificate – €1725

Please fill out the form below to register your interest and we will get back to you with the next available dates for each course.


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