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Xtreme CSC and Hammer Strength Join Forces!

Posted on October 30, 2018

hammer strength


Xtreme CSC are excited to announce that two of their gyms will officially become Hammer Strength approved gyms. Xtreme Mallow will be the first gym in Munster to have the prestigious title and Xtreme Clonmel will also be joining the ranks as a Hammer Strength approved gym when it opens its doors to the public early next year. Xtreme CSC gyms throughout Ireland and the UK have always offered top quality equipment at their facilities and have included Hammer Strength in their kit range since they opened their first gym in Cheltenham. This new alliance means that Mallow gym now proudly offers 15 pieces of Hammer Strength equipment at their premium facility for all their members to use.


The extensive kit list includes three Iso-Lateral back machines with a high, medium and low row providing a well-rounded back workout; an incline and decline chest press to isolate both upper and lower pecs, an Iso-Lateral shoulder press for a heavy all-purpose shoulder set and a plate loaded Lat Raise machine to target medial delts. Also included for upper body is a plate loaded seated/standing shrug machine which is a great way to really load up some serious weight onto your trap workout, a plate loaded tricep dip that allows a really concentrated, heavy hit on the triceps and a horizontal bench press.


For the lower body there is an exciting bit of kit coming in, the ground base squat/lunge that is designed to allow for huge amounts resistance and stability in lower body exercises. Along with this there is an Iso-Lateral leg extension and hamstring curl, both providing heavy resistance to be put onto single leg movements. An Iso-Lateral Leg press will also be added to the list. These Iso-Lateral machines are a great way to prevent or correct imbalances in proportion by isolating each side of the body independently from the other. To finish off the all over body kit list there is a plate loaded calf raise meaning you can hit every muscle group with the premium Hammer Strength equipment.


Hammer Strength have been creating quality equipment that is built to last since its inception in 1989. For more than 25 years they have provided athletes and those with serious training focus, equipment that is designed to move with the body and produce the kind of results that hard work deserves. Xtreme CSC has always strived to provide a premium gym that facilitates great results and an unforgettable gym experience and so are delighted to have Mallow and Clonmel as official Hammer Strength approved gyms. The Hammer Strength equipment is a fantastic addition to the other equipment available, extensive class list and professional personal trainers available to all members.


To find out more about Mallow, our memberships and exciting new loyalty rewards offers contact the club on 022 556 25 or mallow@xtremecsc.ie or come into the club to speak to one of our team. To keep up to date with news about the exciting new location in Clonmel or to secure your membership for the club visit https://xtremecsc.ie/clonmel

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